Rabu, 06 November 2013

What it process to be

What it process to be “designer”.

The period “designer” is often used loosely in the rage industry, and certainly so by a come to of factories main part producing shoes with the purpose of make a copy the rage leaders.

We figure out it differently.  How you’d expect a authentic designer shoe to be bent in support of you.  At Vein, apiece contemporary design is jual eiger  sketched, firstly as a conceptual, and so therefore worked and re-worked into final drawings with graphite on paper, by head Vein designer, Christopher McCallum. Then, a prototype shoe is exactly crafted by offer.

The contemporary design is so therefore set into production, brought to life in support of our discerning clientele using the finest leathers, offer selected in support of their rareness and quality, from renowned international and Australian tanneries.

When you inspect our famous Vein shoes, you’ll quickly see to it that they embody qualities others simply aspire to.  Designs and quality inspired by the terrific clothing rage houses, by timeless architecture and the personalities, stunning locations and exciting lifestyles we experience around the earth.

Since you can probably tell, we live, fantasize, fancy and breathe male footwear.  This burning passion has made Vein the best Australian male designer footwear label.  Taking part in 2005 Vein was the simply male footwear label to be invited to exhibit in Mercedes Australian Fashion Week.  Trail blazing clothing labels like “NYOU”, “Leopold”, “Tom, Dick & Harry”, “Red Cordial” and Australian Fashion Design Awards Winner “Always Habit”, take to complement their labels with Vein on the landing strip.  Taking part in 2006 next to the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Vein was the catwalk shoe of amount in support of Kenzo, Morrisey and Leopold.

Vein stands in support of excellence.  You’ll feel it, look it, live it too … all period you slip on Vein shoes.

Vein shoes.  Be partial to more.  Stress with a reduction of.  Express your creativity.  And exceeding all, envy veto solitary.

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